The COPE Ethical Guidelines set out the basic principles and standards for peer reviewers of which all peer reviewers should adhere during the peer-review process. It is structured in a way to assist researchers, be a reference for journals and editors in guiding their reviewers, and act as an educational resource for institutions in training researchers and their students. Inscienz open access publications run on a key tenant called Peer review. We maintain all standards and assign the submitted article to the reviewer panel, who were experts in the respective field and maintains the good quality of the article. We check for the suitability of the manuscript for publication in respective journals and the dignitaries like editors, reviewer panel will take care before its acceptance. Suggestions and critiques by reviewers to improve the quality assessment plays a crucial role while editors’ judgment regarding the suitability of the paper for publication in respective journals However, the utmost importance in providing the required time lapse for author while modifying their work according to review comments keeps us towards success and excellence. The efforts of the reviewer in providing their polite and constructive comments are highly appreciated in Journal Development. We are committed to rapid peer review process upon submission for publication. Our review report is also committed to providing grammatical errors, punctuation, and spell checking.