Peer Review

Peer Review

The COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers set out the basic principles and standards to which all peer reviewers should adhere during the peer-review process. It is hoped they will provide helpful guidance to researchers, be a reference for journals and editors in guiding their reviewers, and act as an educational resource for institutions in training their students and researchers.


As we said, our peer review is our strength. We follow all high standards and assign the submitted article to the panel of reviewers, who are experts in the relevant field and maintain the quality of the article, we check whether the paper does fall into the scope of the particular Journal, the editor will take the utmost care in handling the manuscript as we are always looking for the most impactful and scientifically compelling manuscripts, the expert panel checks the work of the authors before acceptance. Accept with minor changes as suggested, Return to the author for changes and subsequently resubmit for further review or if the work has no real prospects to be published should be deliberately rejected. We weigh all views of the editors and reviewers and may call for a third opinion before making a decision.

We give utmost importance to the author and check the Review suggestions which should be polite and constructive. The efforts of the reviewer are highly appreciated in Journal Development.


We are committed to fastest peer review process upon submission for publication. Our review report is also committed to giving prompt on English grammar checking, punctuation, and spelling checking.



Peer reviewers should:

1. Reviewers should be objective, courteous and constructive in their review.
2. The Reviewers should respond within the timeline.
3. As we follow the double-blind process, manuscript and review details are confidential. The author details are not revealed to Reviewer and reviewer details to the author.
4. Intentionally do not prolong the review process, by delaying the submission of their review.
5. Should not contact the authors directly without the permission of the journal.

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