What we do

We focus on quality which is aimed to publish the recent and relevant advancements. The peer review process is the cornerstone of research publication in the scientific field. As a publisher, we are very aware that this vital component of the publication process is done by scientists worldwide whose suggestions to the manuscripts are valuable.


Why with us

  1. Distinctive attribute by us is our double-blind peer review.
  2. Our aim is to disseminate the scientific research freely accessible.
  3. We are committed to our fastest peer review.
  4. Timely Issue Release with frequency.
  5. We publish articles under a Creative Commons Attribution License, the author reserves the copyrights.
  6. We are Open Access Publishing Group dedicated to publish articles in the field of Science, Health, Medicine, Pharma, and Technology. We are a non-funding agency, works on the norms and guidelines of COPE. We do not receive any funding from other institutions.


  1. Dissemination of scientific knowledge for benefit of scientific community.
  2. The optimum quality standard is maintained in every publication output.
  3. To be scinetifically focused in all we do, attain success with integrity and excellence.
  4. Unrestricted global access, global visibility, and higher readership.
  5. The authors reserve the copyrights of the article and articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
  6. International and interdisciplinary cooperation with a sustainable future.
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